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What to Do When Stinkos Won't Print Your Stuff

You approach the copy attendant to discover that there has been a small problem... Stinkos cannot fill your order until they see a copyright release. They don't print unlicensed character prints. What are you going to do? Little Johnny will be so upset if he can't have his Octo-Scribble-nauts birthday party!
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A Jawesome Birthday!

Blue and Red Layered DrinkWell thanks to my wife and son, I had a JAWESOME birthday celebration this weekend. With Sharknado 2: The Second One coming out at the end of the month, it was the only way to celebrate turning another year older. This non-alcoholic beverage is meant to look like blood mixed into the ocean after a shark attack.

My son seems a bit obsessed with sharks lately. I recently let him watch Jaws for the first time, afterall, Steven Spielberg is his favorite director. So last month I was gifted a painted ceramic shark for Father's Day. This month I get a shark themed party to celebrate my birthday. That's okay. Sharks are cool and according to my father's day gift, I am cooler than shark's week!

Shark's Blood Beverage

The drink is a science lesson in density. The trick is getting two juices of differing sugar content. The juice with the highest sugar content gets poured on the bottom. We used cranberry apple juice for the red juice. Then, put in a generous amount of ice. The next layer of juice is actually blue sports drink. Make sure you pour it in slowly and over an ice cube otherwise the blue drink will just mix in with the red juice and you won't have the layered effect. Serve right away!


My birthday banner has a beach theme with various shark scenes, one from Jaws, one from Sharknado, and a shark fin on the water representing Shark Week. This is now available for download in our store for only $6! If you want to personalize it for a viewing party, please let us know. We can customize it for you.

Shark Cupcake


For food we had just burgers and chips with roasted squash as our vegetable, so nothing fancy. But you could have a sea food spread for a more fitting menu. My son cut out shark fin's for the cupcakes. He also topped some with swedish fish and lifesavers. He used food pen to draw the details on the lifesaver candies.

I will be putting together an invitation and a regular party kit to match this theme, so look for that soon in our store!

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Pac Man Cupcakes

I recently celebrated turning another year older and as I was posting pictures, I came across this photo of my birthday cake from a few years ago. My son and wife decided that I needed a vintage Atari as a gift that year and they decided to theme the cupcakes to match. How retro!
 Pac Man Cupcakes
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Nyan Cat Pop Tart Cake

To celebrate my 30th birthday, my wife and son threw me a surprise birthday party. My son wanted to embarrass me by making it a bit girly. I ended up getting this awesome Nyan Cat cake.

Party Theme

The idea was to imagine that I was actually a 7 year old girl that loved rainbows and unicorns. My wife added in the Nyan Cat Internet Meme for some geeky fun. The decor included rainbow streamers and tissue paper pom poms.


The kids at the party crafted Nyan Cat rainbow streamers for an activity. I received an interesting mix of gifts that included unicorn poop. My son also gave a magic show performance.

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